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Reiki Mind Body Spirit

Reiki Therapy to De-stress, Detox & Relax

Why Reiki Mind Body Spirit and How Can Reiki Help Me?

Brucella, the founder of Reiki Mind Body Spirit, is a professional Reiki Practitioner and is currently undergoing her Reiki Mastery training to qualify as a Reiki Master-Teacher, which means she will soon be making Reiki I and Reiki II training classes available at Reiki Mind Body Spirit in early 2019. She is an intuitive, empathetic light worker, who is passionate about giving Reiki to those who really need it.

Reiki therapy is a simple, gentle hands-on energy channeling technique that facilitates the redistribution and balancing of concentrated Universal Life Force Energy, which flows through all living organisms. We can encounter too many stresses from our every day lives and if we are not careful, these can lead to the manifestation of dis-ease.

Reiki is intended to rebalance the mind, body and spirit. During a Reiki session, Reiki energy is channelled through myself and my hands and into you, the recipient, in order to deeply relax, de-stress, balance your energy flow and clear any blockages. Some blockages can build up over a period of years.

During a Reiki session, besides feeling almost instantly calm and relaxed, with a sense of your stresses simply being lifted away, you will also feel a considerable amount of heat emitting from my hands. This is Reiki energy. You might also feel light, tingling sensations. More than likely, you will fall asleep. Many a client has drifted off and this is perfectly normal. It is a clear indicator of how gentle, soothing and deeply relaxing Reiki therapy is. You do not need to do anything but close your eyes, relax and allow yourself to drift off. Reiki will do the rest.

Reiki can help us is so many ways, to cope with issues arising from our day to day general, work and personal living:

Overall deep relaxation;

Stress reduction (work or personal conditions);

Feelings of anxiety;

Sleeplessness ('brain chatter' at night);

Clearing, balancing and recharging chakras;

Clearing energy blockages (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies);

Relaxation, relief and rapid recovery from pre- or post operation periods;

Relaxation for recovery from injury;

Pregnancy anxiety;

Low energy and fatigue from over exertion;

Lack of focus;

Pre-performance nerves (public speaking, acting, singing, dance)

**Reiki is not intended to replace any medication that a client has been prescribed by a medical professional, for any specific medical or psychological ailment to that client.

(Please see the Contact page for *Disclaimers and *Privacy Notice)

To book a Reiki session, block booking, home visit or distant healing, please get in touch via the Contact Page.


Full 60-minute Reiki at Reiki Mind Body Spirit - £45.00

Block booking of 5 x 60-minute Reiki sessions at Reiki Mind Body Spirit - £216 (block discount)

Home visit 60-minute Reiki - £63

Block booking of 5 x 60-minute home visits - £306 (block discount)

Distant Healing (with telephone consultation) 30-minute Reiki - £36

(Energy exchange prior to sessions - Bank Transfer or PayPal accepted with invoice)

* Please see Contact Page for more details

What Happens at a Session?

After a brief consultation, you will undergo an "energy sweeping" process to open you up in readiness to receive Reiki, before moving

over to the Reiki couch. You will then be covered in a soft blanket and remain fully clothed throughout.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring with you a pair of soft, fluffy socks to keep your toes warm, as I will also be giving you Reiki through your feet! ;)

What follows will be a combination of Reiki Therapy with Reiki-charged crystals, to intensify the cleansing, recharging and mind/ body/spirit rebalancing process that is the Reiki experience.

After receiving Reiki within a lovingly infused space filled with Divine Reiki energy,

soothing music, fragrant, organic essential oil aromas and soft lighting, the calming combination leaves clients feeling deeply relaxed, refreshed, recharged, re-energised and ready to go.

What Now?

Why not take a look at Reiki Mind Body Spirit's Testimonials page and then get in touch via the Contact page?